Welcome to my new blog, “Did You Really Say That?”  My name is Ellie and like many of you, I love, worry, cry, lose sleep over and am often driven crazy by my family. While my small familial unit includes my wonderful husband and three great kids, our larger family is extensive, expanding quickly and spreading out over many states.  Altogether, we enjoy many blessings while we also face some intimidating challenges. One gift my husband and I appreciate is having all four of our parents, now ages 85, 84, 82 and 79.

This site comes from my experiences in trying to make sense of life and its outrageous incidents, interactions and comments.  Whether through our kids, parents, friends, or on our own, we all encounter situations that are so uncomfortable or absurd, they stop us dead in our tracks.

Some of the craziness has picked up for me since I recently began managing my parents’ affairs as their “Power of Attorney”.  As more seniors live longer, more and more of my peers are living the role I have just stepped into.  Many of you know, combining this with the responsibilities of being a mom, wife and working person is challenging, particularly navigating the myriad of human interactions and emotions. For my parents, growing older recently has been a mixture of very fulfilling and challenging days.  Likewise, my kids are experiencing the fun, rewards and stresses of being teenagers and young adults. Then, there are all the people like my husband and myself, stationed in the middle, trying to ensure that all of us actually enjoy life!

While I am no expert, this blog will highlight my observations and my take on what is useful to know.  It will also include advice from experts in many different fields and hopefully, anecdotes from you, as you share your advice and serious or outrageous stories!  I will also include consumer items that are just fun and appealing to me.

Did You Really Say That? will work to be useful to you and as well as to occasionally make you laugh uncontrollably.  Either now or in the future, we will all deal with serious issues and sometimes it can be isolating.  My friends and I always remind each other that we are all in this together and this site will do the same.