Welcome to Did You Really Say That?

This blog was created to provide simple tips from experts, friends and me!  Whether you are caring for your elderly parents, teenagers or younger kids, there are a lot of details involved.

Personally, my most recent role is as my parents’ “Power-of-attorney”. This has had a profound impact on my day-to-day life.  Furthermore, the responsibility was hoisted onto me so suddenly that I really could have used some immediate advice from some key experts!

As I proceed through a challenging stage of life, I see this blog as a creative and therapeutic outlet.  I have been involved in public relations continuously for decades and hosting this site will allow me to communicate perhaps more meaningful information that is helpful or amusing to others. However, I also need to hear from you about your experiences and advice, whether about your kids, parents, co-workers, friends, homes or even your finances. Or if you have questions you would like us to explore, please let me know.

Did You Really Say That? will work to be useful to you and as well as to occasionally make you laugh uncontrollably.  Either now or in the future, we will all deal with serious issues and sometimes it can be isolating.  My friends and I always remind each other that we are all in this together and this site will do the same.