A Special New Children’s Book Series Aiming To Build Self-Esteem


A friend of mine, Dona Rudderow Sturn, has had the brilliant idea to develop the first children’s book series ever to focus on self-esteem development.  Her company, 
THE JNP PROJECT, is a self-esteem discovery movement for children (ages 5-12+) and has just introduced the first two books in its multi-book series, Jane & Jake’s Adventures to Awesome

This series introduces Jane and Jake, two elementary school aged kids, and a not so average goldfish, Oracle. The content and images appeal to all audiences while the continuous theme of nurturing character, courage and confidence in kids is attracting parents, educators and counselors. The characters’ internal growth is outwardly reflected as they literally start off as blank canvases and develop into very colorful and unique individuals.

A former advertising executive on the creative side, Rudderow Sturn’s series offers unparalleled artistry. Adding a more subtle depth to the stories are the effects of JNP’s accomplished group of published international authors, who have collaborated on the story development. The 31 chapter-books, set in three series, are available in traditional as well as digital interactive book formats. JNP’s books and online resources are already being utilized in several mid-Atlantic school systems.

Rudderow Sturn was born in Camden, NJ and raised by two loving parents who emphasized the power of knowledge.  She and her company are headquartered in Annapolis, MD.

Book purchases can be made directly at http://thejnpproject.com/ or through Amazon, B&N, iTunes, Kobo and Google Play Books.

Beyond an amazing collection of books, JNP offers an interactive website,http://thejnpproject.com/ that provides parents, teachers, caregivers and counselors the tools to help children develop confidence, strengthen self-esteem, and grow into assured leaders.  For a minimal subscription fee, parents and educators can utilize a myriad of additional resources and get immediate advice on a wide range of parenting and education issues.

Check it out now!