60-Plus Generation Will Have Highest Percentage of Households Giving Out Candy Tonight!

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Washington — Candy sales are expected to reach $2.5 billion this Halloween, according to a survey by the NCA, which also found consumers 60 and older are most likely to hand out candy.

Some 80 percent of the 60 plus generation will hand out candy compared with 75 percent of the general population. Further, less than 40 percent of that demographic report running out of candy.

In addition, shoppers in the midwest will hand out more candy than any other region, as 79 percent plan to par take in the activity compared with 76 percent in the south, 74 percent in the west and 71 percent in the northeast, according to the Association.

Consumers are indulging in Halloween treats with moderation in mind, as the NCA survey found that 40 percent of parents limit their children’s Halloween candy consumption. Further, more than half say it is a house rule that confections must be shared.